Sweet Home Uganda To paraphrase the great poet/philosopher Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sweet home Uganda, Where the skies are so blue; Sweet home Uganda, Lord I’m comin’ home to you. It’s been six weeks since Jeffrey Hamelman and I returned from training the bakers in the Oruchinga refugee…
Happy Mothers Day
Hello again, I apologize for invading your email twice in one day. The link to #BakeforBogdan is here: The link to Bake for Bogdan is here
Bogdan Krasnoperov Live on Zoom: Bogdan will join me for a brief conversation from 3-4 PM ET, Saturday, March 12. Michel Schröder (NL) and Peter Yuen…
Bogdan Krasnoperov, Inspirational Baker
This is Thermal Death Point 138

Thermal Death Point 138